Rapid Shape and Forward AM fit together

Both companies are pleased about the agreed partnership

11-19-2021 – Over recent years, 3D-printing technology has grown rapidly. More and more industries and companies start to explore the possibilities for their individual needs. New collaborations and partnerships at the level of technology, materials, applications and manufacturing methods are helpful. That’s why Forward AM, the brand of BASF 3D Printing Solutions, and Rapid Shape, a manufacturer of high-quality 3D-printers based in Germany, have taken an important step and launched their cooperation by offering workflows for their material-machine-systems.

Rapid Shape is known as an open systems provider and offers validated workflows for printing the high-performance materials of Forward AM on Rapid Shape 3D-printers using the Digital Light Process (DLP). “A workflow is not just the preparation of parameters to create a specific geometry, but the development of the entire production process: pre-processing, printing, cleaning and post-processing. Material properties, part accuracy and surface finishing must be ensured so that our customers are able to produce parts that really work. This can only happen in close cooperation between material and machine suppliers,” says Andreas Schultheiss, Chief Executive Officer of Rapid Shape GmbH, Germany. “We are pleased to partner with an experienced company like Forward AM to enable 3D-printing with such innovative, high-quality materials to our customers worldwide.”

François Minec, Managing Director of BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH, said “With Rapid Shape we have found one of the few 3D-printer suppliers that comes from the mass production market and not only knows the requirements for the production of medical devices very well, but also reliably fulfills them.”

Forward AM offers a broad portfolio of industrial materials for a wide range of requirements and applications, ideal for processing in the Digital Light Process (DLP) on a Rapid Shape Printer.

Image of Partnership Rapid Shape and Forward AM

The range of markets for functional applications that can also be used in mass production extends from lifestyle such as exclusive packaging, to footwear such as soles and insoles or tools such as molds for vacuum or silicone molding, to mass production of small batch parts and similar customized parts such as sensor housings, clips or adapters. By focusing on specific markets, such as the shoe market, the compliance to meet standards is a matter of course for Forward AM, as it is for Rapid Shape.

About Rapid Shape

Rapid Shape is a German company that specializes in the development and manufacture of high-end systems for additive printing. Rapid Shape has positioned itself as one of this industry’s leaders through proprietary technology that has set new standards in speed, reliability and precision. Rapid Shape provides solutions for industrial, dental, hearing aid and jewellery markets. Precision, quality, and cooperation with sales, material and technology partners distinguishes this company from its competitors. For further information about Rapid Shapes 3D-printers please visit www.rapidshape.de

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