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The innovative solution for efficiency and precision: Rapid Shape’s 3D printer for dental applications. Optimize your workflow with modern technology!

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3D prototyping and manufacturing for filigree and solid jewelry parts. Rapid Shape offers 3D printing for moments of happiness.

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Hearing Aid

Earmolds and hearing protection for high requests of surface quality. Individual 3D printing for more safety and comfort.

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This is what contemporary, industrial series production looks like: Automated 3D printing without downtime, but cost-effective, fast and reliable.

Say Hello to Our New 50+ Line.

As a Family-Run Business We Stand for Highest Quality
Made in Germany.

We are pleased to be able to offer a perfect 3D printer for every need. Start with the small model for startups or small businesses and increase to automated large-scale production and beyond to mass production. Rapid Shape makes professional use possible and equips you to take your business into a successful future. We promise that we will not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Rapid Shape’s RS inline Enables Automated Series Production Around the Clock. This Is the Future!

Professional Solutions for All Applications.

3D printing is supposed to save time – not cost you time. This is exactly what our patented solutions provide.