This Is What the Future of Industrial Production Looks Like.

We have the solution for a higher level of productivity. Rapid Shape’s automated 3D printing solutions can ensure high quality as well as cost-effective, reliable, and fast volume production.

What counts further in industrial series production is individuality and flexibility. Individual printed parts in certain quantities must be available quickly for an ever-changing marketplace.

Icon that shows a 3D printed industry prosthetic

Industry Prosthetic

Icon that shows a 3D printed industry clips


Icon that shows a 3D printed Insole for industry insoles

Industry Insoles

3D Printer Product Line for Industrial Parts Manufacturing.

Industrial 3D printing allows you to create highly complex structures that are both light and strong. Let’s think, for example, of printed parts in the field of manufacturing prosthetics, clips in large quantities used in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering. Or let’s think of orthopedic insoles. No matter your requirements, Rapid Shape has the perfect 3D printer for you.

No matter your idea, we will support you.

Why We Are So Fast.

By choosing Digital Light Processing (DLP) we can ensure high repeatability over a long period of time. Our patented Force Feedback Technology enables the forces acting on the component to be measured, which provides real-time data for the control system.

RS inline. Quality Meets Automation.

The RS inline is a fully- automated system for producing thousands of parts per day. This solution is scalable in any number of steps so that this system is applicable to a 1-, 2- or 3- shift operation. Therefore, the production process will be revolutionized as products will only be produced when they are needed. This way you avoid long delivery times and current delays in the global supply chain, you save space in your warehouse and, in the end, you save money by reducing the number of expensive parts in your warehouse.

Certified Industrial Material Partners.

Rapid Shape and the leading material manufacturers combine strengths to offer full flexibility and availability. A certified end-to-end workflow is supported and validated material parameters are made available on every printer.

Image of BASF Logo

Through the partnership with BASF Forward AM we can offer you workflows with high-quality materials. Ultracur3D® photopolymers range deliver structural performance far superior to conventional photopolymers to meet even your most advanced project requirements.

Image of LOCTITE Logo, an Industry Partner

LOCTITE AM  delivers unique photopolymers with properties suitable for end-use production. In addition to market products, LOCTITE can also offer customized resins and engineering services to help you identify the best material to meet your application needs.

Developing Partner TNO.

We do not drive blind! With our partner TNO, we have developed our patented force feedback technology which measures the forces on every component. This allows the 3D printer to consistently travel at maximum speed while guaranteeing the safety of the object being printed. In addition, support structures can be realized thinner, and rework is simplified. The result is very fast print times with consistently high print quality.

Logo of TNO a partner by Rapid Shape GmbH

Our software partner.

For working with our 3D printers, you can take advantage of the software solutions from our partner Autodesk NetFabb to increase the efficiency of your workflow.

Company logo of Autodesk Netfabb a partner for jewelry by Rapid Shape GmbH

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