• 3D Printing Solutions
    for Perfectly Printed Hearing Aid Parts.

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Hearing Aid Solutions.

Highly efficient generative rapid prototyping system to manufacture ite / itc / ctc shells, earmolds, ear protections, molds and casts in opaque and transparent materials. A wide range of materials can be used with the system.

Special Features of Rapid Shape 3D Printers for Hearing Aids.

Rapid Shape 3D hearing aid printers are extremely versatile and print validated end products at top speed. Ear molds with cone, Cast for silicon, Hearing protections and much more can be printed with a Rapid Shape 3D printer. This makes your system flexible for use in a wide variety of fields.

Innovative 3D-Printed Hearing Aid Solutions for Retailers and Producers.

The product portfolio of Rapid Shape contains easy-to-use solutions for fast 3D printing so that even inexperienced 3D printing users can handle it. Additionally, every user will be supported by Rapid Shape employees from start to finish, ensuring that these solutions can also be used by distant retailers or shops who want to make their work easier.

Upgrade Your Hearing Aid Lab with 3D Printing Solutions.

Economic 3D printing solutions are also used by flexible and fast delivery labs. An important benefit is that Rapid Shape 3D printers print products at high speed but still offer high quality that guarantees efficient working.

Industrial Manufacturing Solutions for the Hearing Aid Industry.

Series production is also in high demand in the hearing industry. Industrial manufacturing solutions are given by Stand-alone or in-sequence 3D printers with full automation. These printing solutions ensure high productivity and efficient working across all fields.

Certified Hearing Material Partners.

A variety of opaque, clear, and transparent colours are available for biocompatible printing of shells, ear molds, ear protections, molds, and casts. Our certified suppliers ensure together with Rapid Shape a biocompatible certified system and workflow.


SL.E material of company Dreve in transparent or opaque (different colors) available directly via Dreve Otoplastik GmbH, www.dreve.com

Luxaprint | Medicalprint

3D Material of company Detax in transparent or opaque (different colors) available directly via DETAX GmbH, www.detax.de

3Delta HEAR

3Delta materials of company DELTAMED in transparent or opaque (different colors) available directly via Deltamed GmbH / Depots, www.deltamed.de

Developing Partner TNO.

We do not drive blind! With our partner TNO, we have developed our patented force feedback technology which measures the forces on every component. This allows the 3D printer to consistently travel at maximum speed while guaranteeing the safety of the object being printed. In addition, support structures can be realized thinner, and rework is simplified. The result is very fast print times with consistently high print quality.

Logo of TNO a partner by Rapid Shape GmbH

Our software partner.

All the Information You Need – At a Glance.

Download our hearing brochure with all the facts about the current portfolio.

For working with our 3D printers, you can take advantage of the software solutions from our partner Autodesk NetFabb to increase the efficiency of your workflow.

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