3D Printing Solutions for the Dental Industry.

Our printers ensure highly-efficient 3D rapid prototyping and manufacturing with ultrafine resolution. Additive manufacturing is ideal for the production of plastic models for dental indications.

Our 3D Printing Solutions are Applicable in Many Different Areas.

Modern dentists use our Rapid Shape 3D printing systems to produce a variety of products such as grinding splints, drilling templates, indirect bonding splints, master models, ortho models, gingival masks, cast partial dentures and denture bases, as well as tailor-made permanent or temporary crown and bridge units, and much more.

A clear advantage of using our 3D printing solutions is the time-saving component, which benefits primarly your patients. Additionally, you will save money over time as you reduce your resources and time spent developing them.

Upgrade Your Dental Lab with Professional 3D Printers.

Rapid Shape enables the application of 3D printing for both large and small dental labs. Start 3D printing with professional equipment and a low investment budget, then upgrade your lab as needed. We offer economical printing solutions for labs of any size. Invest in the highest quality equipment and stand out with ultra-fast delivery to your patients!

Highest Productivity in the Dental Industry.

Series production is also in high demand in the dental industry. Just think of dental veneers and mouthguards for children or athletes. By using industrial solutions for the dental industry, you can produce individual products in less time through automation. Trade unnecessary downtime for high productivity!

Certified Dental Material Partners.

The technology of our 3D printers offers an open material system which allows you to select from over 200 validated resins. Because of our quality, we are proud to work with many experienced material partners! You are not limited by any restrictions. Instead you can enjoy numerous possibilities and therefore clearly predictable results. That ensures that your professional work is flexible, powerful, and simple.

BEGO materials available directly via BEGO GmbH & Co. KG

Delta Med Logo, Partner for Dental material for 3D Printers dental Application

3Delta materials available directly via Deltamed GmbH / Depots

dentona AG logo

optiprint® materials available directly via dentona AG / Depots

FreePrint® materials available directly via DETAX GmbH / Depots

Logo of DMG, Partner for Dental material for 3D Printers dental Application

DMG LuxaPrint® materials available directly via DMG Dental-Material Gesellschaft mbH

Logo of Dreve, Partner for Dental material for 3D Printers dental Application

FotoDent® materials available directly via Dreve GmbH / Depots

Logo of GC, Partner for Dental material for 3D Printers dental Application

GC Temp PRINT materials available directly via GC AG / Depots www.gceurope.com

Logo of Keystone, Partner for Dental material for 3D Printers dental Application

Keyprint® materials available directly via Keystone Industries

Logo of Merz Dental GmbH

M-PRINT materials available directly via Merz Dental

Logo of Rapid Shape

RS materials available directly via Rapid Shape GmbH

SHERAprint® materials available directly via Shera GmbH / Distributors

Logo of Straumann Group, Partner for Dental material for 3D Printers dental Application

P pro materials available directly via Straumann AG

Image of Voco Logo, Partner for Dental material for 3D Printers dental Application

V-Print materials available directly via VOCO GmbH

Logo of Saremco, Partner for Dental material for 3D Printers dental Application


Developing Partner TNO.

We do not drive blind! With our partner TNO, we have developed our patented force feedback technology which measures the forces on every component. This allows the 3D printer to consistently travel at maximum speed while guaranteeing the safety of the object being printed. In addition, support structures can be realized thinner, and rework is simplified. The result is very fast print times with consistently high print quality.

Logo of TNO a partner by Rapid Shape GmbH

Our Software partners.

For working with our 3D printers, you can take advantage of the various software solutions from our partners to increase the efficiency of your workflow. 

Creating an automated nesting and slicing workflow with Netfabb.


Designing dental models with DentalCAD and providing them to Netfabb.


3Shape Produce packs up, saves, and sends design files off to your Rapid Shape machine in a few clicks.


All the Information You Need – At a Glance.

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