Rapid Shape at FORMNEXT 2022

3D printing solutions with photopolymer resin for industrial series production

Since the company was founded in 2011, Rapid Shape, the German manufacturer of high-quality professional 3D printers, has succeeded in consistently identifying, responding to, and rapidly integrating the needs of the market into its development and manufacturing of professional 3D printers. An intensive, effective exchange of views with customers and partners, centered on their requirements, is the inspiration and impetus for the Rapid Shape team. Rapid Shape knows that individuality and flexibility are top priorities for industrial serial production. Individual printed parts in specific quantities must be quickly available for a constantly changing market.

The firm is always focused not only on the present, but on the future as well. For many years now, modern 3D printers have been developed and built that are capable of producing industrial printed parts, whether prototypes or in high quantities, through fully-automated serial production.

Focus on automation and series production at FORMNEXT

This year Rapid Shape will again be represented at FORMNEXT, the industry trade fair for additive manufacturing technologies in Frankfurt/Main; the company’s presentation will focus on automation and series production. Crucial factors in these areas include quality, precision, time and cost optimization, as well as user-friendly operation, convenience, and sustainability – what was previously excess resin can now be almost completely fed back into the cycle during the entire handling and cleaning process.

Picture of the rs inline which will present on FORMNEXT 2022

Experience modern fully-automated 3D printing in series production with the „RS inline“

At FORMNEXT, trade fair visitors will have the opportunity to experience the „RS inline“ for the first time on Rapid Shape‘s trade fair stand, C-41 in Hall 12.1. This large and effective production line with up to five units connected in series offers an incredibly high level of productivity. The „RS inline“ is a fully-automated 3D print solution with which Rapid Shape can ensure high quality as well as cost-efficient, reliable, and fast production of parts.

Picture of I50+ which will present at FORMNEXT 2022

Printing industrial parts live

Over a total length of seven meters, this modern production line not only 3D-prints thousands of individual printed parts without interruption, it also post-processes these parts using Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology in a manner that saves time and is gentle on the parts until they are removed. No other technology enables printing of high-resolution parts over a longer period of time with comparable repeat accuracy. With Rapid Shape‘s patented Force Feedback Technology it is possible to measure the forces acting on the part and provide real time data for the control system. At FORMNEXT, Rapid Shape will present manufacturing, i.e. live printing, of industrial parts for the automotive industry.

Fully-automated 3D printing process with the “I50+” from Rapid Shape

The fully-automated „I50+“ 3D printer for industrial implementation will also be presented at FORMNEXT. This productive 3D printer from Rapid Shape is suitable for printing any type of application. Manufacturing companies
exponentially catapult their daily production rates, thanks to a huge printing area and the automatic separating module! The I50+ 3D printer from Rapid Shape is the solution for fast, flexible, and cost-efficient production. Automated use of the device is extremely convenient and almost self-explanatory.

About Rapid Shape

Rapid Shape specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end 3D printing systems for the professional for additive manufacturing and has positioned itself as one of the leaders in this industry through its proprietary technology. Rapid Shape provides solutions for the industrial, dental, hearing aid and jewelry markets. As a leader in innovation in this fi eld, Rapid Shape‘s 3D printers are based on contemporary DLP technology that sets the standard for speed, reliability and precision. The company‘s success is based on the dedication, experience and know-how of its team, as well as good, trusting cooperation with distribution, material and technology partners.

Rapid Shape is headquartered in Germany, Heimsheim, near Stuttgart.

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