Brilliant 3D Printing for Jewelry Manufacturers and Casting Shops.

Our printers ensure highly efficient 3D rapid prototyping and ultrafine resolution manufacturing. This solution is ideal for the production of resin prototypes for filigree and solid jewelry, as the highest demands on surface quality are guaranteed.

The Jewelry 3D Printer for you.

We produce 3D printers that grow with your business.
Our printers are tailored for the production of rapid prototyping parts for filigree structures and ornate surfaces.

Design your Piece of Jewelry digitally.

Digital jewelry design offers multiple advantages, such as the precise and highly efficient design of your ring or piece of jewelry for rapid prototyping. With the help of a CAD program, filigree structures can be realized easily so that annoying and time consuming wax modeling becomes a thing of the past. By digitizing your designs, repeatable rapid prototyping is possible at any time.

Easy and Flexible Handling of your 3D Printer.

With one click, watch the creation of perfect 3D-printed jewelry. The easy handling of our printers allows optimal integration of your 3D printer into your workflow. Thanks to our patented technology, the result is not only precise but also super fast. The final product is accurate with an outstanding surface smoothness for your jewelry prints.

Simple Postprocessing.

The RS wash and RS cure make the post-processing of the printed part even easier than ever. The wireless connection to the printer ensures a validated, coordinated, and optimized workflow and leads to a simple and guided work process. The automatic and controlled washing cycle makes sure that your gold weight is optimally regulated. This leads to the result of smooth and fine surfaces without visible layer lines.

Castable 3D Parts.

With the know-how of Schultheiss GmbH at our side, we know what is important when creating jewelry: The material forms castable parts with excellent surfaces that can be used like wax models. Thus, the direct casting materials are easy and flexible to use.

Highly precise – again and again.

By choosing the right castable material, filigree structures, precisely fitting frames or very smooth surfaces can be formed. Best of all, our 3D printer and material have been tested and validated several times for getting the best results.

Image of Rapid Shape Resin Color yellow for jewelry

GP 101+

  • General Purpose Resin (optimized for LED unit)
  • Colour: orange, translucent
  • Characteristics: optimized for 35 – 100 µm layers
  • Resin can be used for visual models, models for silicone molds
Image of Rapid Shape Resin Color Orange for jewelry

CP 201+

  • Casting Purpose Resin
  • Colour: orange, opaque
  • Characteristics: optimized for 25 –50 µm layers
  • Resin especially designed for conventional investment casting process in the jewelry
  • Best casting resin
  • Good even for massive parts
Image of Rapid Shape Resin Color brown for jewelry

MP 300 – Composite Resin

  • Colour: tan, opaque
  • Characteristics: optimized for 25 – 100 µm layers
  • Ultra strong mechanical structure
  • Temperature resistant up to 180°C
  • Resin designed for rubber & silicone molds

All the Information You Need – at a Glance.

Download our jewelry brochure with all the facts about the current portfolio.

Developing Partner TNO.

We do not drive blind! With our partner TNO, we have developed our patented force feedback technology which measures the forces on every component. This allows the 3D printer to consistently travel at maximum speed while guaranteeing the safety of the object being printed. In addition, support structures can be realized thinner, and rework is simplified. The result is very fast print times with consistently high print quality.

Logo of TNO a partner by Rapid Shape GmbH

Our software partner.

For working with our 3D printers, you can take advantage of the software solutions from our partner Autodesk NetFabb to increase the efficiency of your workflow.

Company logo of Autodesk Netfabb a partner for jewelry by Rapid Shape GmbH