First-class 3D printing experience with technology from Rapid Shape and materials from BEGO for dental technology and dental medicine applications

Industry-leading 3D printing materials from BEGO will be available for the innovative
Rapid Shape 3D printer systems in the future.

Rapid Shape, developer and manufacturer of innovative, advanced and process-optimized 3D printers and BEGO, a specialist in the area of development of dental 3D printing materials are announcing their partnership this year at LMT Lab Day in Chicago. Starting in March of this year, customers can work with the advanced Varseo materials from BEGO using the printer models RS
D20+, D30+ and D50+. Along with the proven materials for 3D printing of provisional crowns and bridges as well as dental models and combustible objects, it will of course be possible to use VarseoSmile Crown, BEGOs ceramic-filled hybrid-material for 3D printing of permanent restorations using Rapid Shape. This offers Rapid Shape users the extraordinary option of making
final crowns, inlays, table tops, on-lays and veneers within minutes.

“Our hybrid material provides a rapid supply option with an outstanding priceperformance ratio. The printed restorations stand out also through their aesthetic beauty, durability and tendency to resist discoloration, as well as high degree of comfort for the patient. Extensive scientific studies by well-respected universities and institutes confirm the extraordinary properties of restorations made of VarseoSmile Crown“, reports Thomas Kwiedor, Head of Business Development 3D Cooperations at BEGO.

“With VarseoSmile Crown and the Rapid Shape 3D printing solutions enable dental laboratories and clinics to make restorations with a precise, fast work flow that is machine-supported from start to finish. For larger laboratories, the Rapid Shape printing solutions D30+ and D50+ also provide the option of automated manufacture of parts out of VarseoSmile and VarseoWax materials”, says Andreas Schultheiss, CEO of Rapid Shape. “This partnership and the integration of BEGO materials assures that our users can combine the most modern technology of Rapid Shape and the know-how of BEGO with each other into a outstanding solution.”

About Rapid Shape

Rapid Shape is one of the leading international manufacturers of 3D printing systems. Rapid Shape offers customers in the dental, hearing aid, and jewelry markets as well as general industry especially innovative systems which set new standards with respect to precision, speed, and automation. The success of our company is based on the commitment, experience and know-how of our team as well as on good and trusting cooperation with sales, material and technology partners. Rapid Shape has around 200 employees world-wide, with the trendline upward. Rapid Shape´s main office is in Germany, in Heimsheim near Stuttgart, and it has locations in the USA, Brazil, China, Japan and Hungary. You can find additional information under

About BEGO

The BEGO corporate group is one of the leading international specialists in the area of dental prosthetics and dental implant technology. The traditional German company has offered dental technicians and dentists innovative devices, instruments, materials, implants, services and procedures for the manufacture and machining of dental prostheses since 1890. Owner-operated for five generations, currently by the Managing Director Christoph Weiss, BEGO employs around 500 employees world-wide– and the trendline is upward. In 2015, BEGO was also the first company in the dental industry to bring to market a 3D printing system “Varseo” developed in-house with and for dental laboratories for in-laboratory manufacture of the broadest range of dental care products out of high-performance materials. BEGO has been a pioneer in dental 3D printing for more than 20 years, with its Selective Laser Melting (SLM). You can find more information under

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