3D-Printing-Expert Rapid Shape is now cooperating with dental manufacturer SAREMCO Dental AG

Biocompatibility and the functionality of products for modern, digital and ambitious dentistry – these are the goals for the specialists of 3D-printing from Southern Germany as well as for the developers and manufacturers for dental materials based in Switzerland. Rapid Shape and SAREMCO bundle their capabilities into a partnership to offer both customers maximum flexibility in their choice of working materials. As part of this collaboration, printers from Rapid Shape and 3D printing materials from SAREMCO are matched to each other such that they completely and offer optimal printing results.

Rapid Shape has benefitted from many years of experience in 3D printing and offers professional solutions specialized for the dental, hearing aid and other industrial markets. Recently, Rapid Shape has grown to be one of the top players in high-end dental laboratories, as well as in centralized production spaces. A validated workflow secures high quality output whilst the open-system allows for flexibility.

For more than thirty years, SAREMCO has been known as an extensive research dental company for its expertise in the field of light-curing resins for restorative dentistry with special unique selling points in terms of biocompatibility and functionality. SAREMCO is characterized by an enormously high level of innovation and has repeatedly established itself as a pioneer with its products. SAREMCO has been transferring this knowledge and experience to development in the field of digital dentistry for several years now and successfully launched two products on thise market last year. These include in particular the 3D printing material SAREMCO PRINT CROWNTEC for permanent use.

SAREMCO PRINT CROWNTEC is one of the first materials in the world to be approved for printing permanent crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and artificial teeth. With outstanding physics and a wide range of colours, the 3D resin sets new standards.

SAREMCO print materials are now also certified for Rapid Shape 3D printers. In a first release, SAREMCO PRINT CROWNTEC is now available for second and third generation Rapid Shape 3D printers, like the D20+ and D30+ as well as D20 II, D30 II and D40 II.

Customers with a service contract in the Knowledge Center can find the current Rapidshape-Engine with new material parameter at kc.rapidshape.de


  • CROWNTEC A1, A2, A3, A3.5
  • CROWNTEC SW (Bleach)
  • Other colours on request: A4, B2, B3, C3, C4, D3
Press Release Image of Rapid Shape D30+ with RS wash and cure and SAREMCO Dental AG material Crowntec

About Rapid Shape
Rapid Shape is a German company that specializes in the development and manufacture of high-end systems for additive printing. Rapid Shape has positioned itself as one of this industry’s leaders through proprietary technology that has set new standards in speed, reliability and precision. Rapid Shape provides solutions for industrial, dental, hearing aid and jewellery markets. Precision, quality, and cooperation with sales, material and technology partners distinguishes this company from its competitors. For further information about Rapid Shapes 3D printers please visit www.rapidshape.de

SAREMCO Dental AG, based in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen, specializes in the development, production and distribution of high-quality light-curing resins for dentistry. As a developer and manufacturer, SAREMCO focuses on the biocompatibility and functionality of its products. The independent Swiss company ensures its commercial success with ongoing innovations, including world firsts, and constant quality. For more information, please visit: www.saremco.ch

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