Validation of KeySplint Soft® and Other KeyPrint® 3D Printing Materials for Dental Applications with Rapid Shape Printers

Rapid Shape has validated the KeyPrint line of dental 3D printing materials from Keystone Industries for the D20+, D30+, D20 II, D30 II and D40 II 3D printers. This validation includes Keystone’s unique 3D splint and nightguard material, KeySplint Soft.

The powerful Rapid Shape lab printers set new standards in terms of quality and productivity. All printers not only excel with validated top of the class quality, but also with a large print area and short production times. The fast cycle times are made possible by the patented high-speed force feedback technology. Rapid Shape offers an open material system and also validates suitable materials for all indications in close cooperation with leading suppliers. The successfully developed and tested material parameters are made available in the proprietary Rapid Shape Engine.

KeyPrint has become one of the leading open-source dental resins by focusing on market needs and product quality while rigorously ensuring the products are safe, effective, and compliant with international standards. These guiding principles yield results like KeySplint Soft, which is unlike any other 3D printing material and is a highly-efficient and profitable way to make splints and night guards. Without being brittle, it is tough and durable like a hard splint to withstand the forces of bruxism, yet flexible for patient comfort. KeySplint Soft is made in the USA, has 3 years of guaranteed shelf life, and has regulatory clearance in the USA, Canada, EU, and Australia. Biocompatible resins like KeyGuide, KeyTray and the upcoming KeyIBT also have been rigorously tested and will be available to Rapid Shape users.

“We are excited about partnering with Keystone to validate and develop the KeyPrint line for optimal use with the Rapid Shape systems,” Andreas Schultheiss, CEO of Rapid Shape explains. “In Keystone we have an innovative, expert material partner on our side, with whom we can offer our customers access to high-end technology and differentiated 3D printing materials. The material parameters for the comfortably soft yet very strong and clear KeySplint Soft resin are now available for our customers via our Rapid Shape engine. More Keystone material parameters to follow shortly.”

“Keystone is thrilled to complete our validation partnership with Rapid Shape,” said Keystone’s dental president, Ira Rosenau. “In the D20, D30 and D40 printing systems, Andreas and his team have created a user-friendly, efficient and clever workflow that yields precise printed parts.” Miguel Perez, Keystone’s Vice President of International Sales Development, noted that, “Rapid Shape has established a loyal customer base here in Europe and a strong reputation for quality, and we believe we can help each other continue to grow in Europe, North America and other territories.”

Customers with a service contract can find the current Rapid Shape Engine with new material parameter in the knowledge center at

Rapid Shape® GmbH and Keystone Industries

About Rapid Shape
Rapid Shape is a German company that specializes in the development and manufacture of cutting-edge systems for additive printing. Rapid Shape has positioned itself as one of the industry’s leaders through proprietary technology that has set new standards in speed, reliability and precision. Rapid Shape provides customized solutions for industrial, dental, hearing aid and jewellery markets. Precision, quality, and close cooperations with leading market, material and technology partners distinguishes this company from its competitors.

Rapid Shape also utilizes an excellent workflow management system to ensure the highest quality possible. Their engineering and development departments work hand in hand with production to put innovative and reliable systems on the market.

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About Keystone
Keystone’s group of dental companies focuses largely on consumable laboratory products and operatory/preventative products. We are a global supplier, maintaining a diverse network of more than 800 U.S. and international dental distribution partners in 70+ countries.

Keystone has developed industry-leading products like Diamond D® high-impact denture base, the Pro-Form® line of thermoplastics, innovative and patent-protected laboratory offerings such as Enamelite ceramic spray glazes and the winner of Dental Advisor’s top product of the year, our Gelato prophy paste. Keystone has spent nearly three decades formulating and producing biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins for dental and cosmetic nail applications. Keystone maintains FDA licensing, ISO 13485 (medical device) and 22716 certifications, along with GMP certification and international product registrations. To learn more, visit, like the Keystone Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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