The clear aligner dental model production that makes you smile

The fully automatic End-to-End clear aligner dental model production solution – Scalable automation solution consisting of software tools with inline 3D printing, part separation and IPA-free cleaning for dental models

Three steps to automation

RSPC with Load Balancing and Nesting

The intelligent connectivity of all systems is the key to success.
From a design STL file to a fully traceable finished part, the software plans and initiates unmanned all process steps to the finished model.

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D100+ ortho

Flexible, precise and fast: Start your production with one printer or even five and increase your productivity. Thanks to force-feedback technology from 300 to 4.000 models can be produced per day in one line.

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RS clean-C

Post-processing made ecologically friendly and cheap. Thanks to Rapid Shape's unique solution, post-processing is possible in series without the use of chemicals such as IPA and excess material can be re-used in printing. Fully automatic, of course.

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“With the RS inline we significantly increased our industrial clear aligner dental model production -
the fully automated process, validated end results, single-part tracing and the possibility for flexible expansion have convinced us.”

Marco Engler
etkon GmbH – Straumann Group

Did you know that individual printed parts can be traced by RSPC? Not only that as both the material batch and the printer can be identified.

You can handle it

RSPC - your efficient and intelligent tool for STL handling, load balancing and job monitoring.

Producing in quantities always means keeping an overview. This is exactly where RS production control helps you. It automatically embeds, orients, nests and labels STL files, distributes the jobs to the running printers and helps you to monitor everything carefully. If irregularities occur, the RSPC reports them immediately so that they can be corrected quickly.

The RSPC is able to handle multiple slicing PCs in parallel, up to five printers in one line, multiple lines in one cell and multiple cells such as across production sites. Monitoring and controlling in high volume production has never been easier.

You can trust in,
day by day

The industrial 3D printing workhorse – D100+ ortho inline – Flexible, precise and fast Manufacturing

Producing clear aligner dental models in volume implies that process stability is a must. D100+ ortho is a well-tested 3d printer active on all continents from one printer per site to many printers per site.

The print platform and build speed allows it to print up to 800 models per printer on a 24-hour shift (average, conservative assumption).

Making it 300 models in an 8-hr shift. The patented automatic model cut-off system allows immediate restart of the next print job eliminating pause time and at the same time cutting manual effort to zero. Same as all Rapid Shape systems D100+ is an open system but provides validated resin parameter for many global and local material suppliers.

Our printing technology allows precisions better than +/-100μm on 80% of the final produced scanned part. The precision is constant independent if the machine is running 24 / 7 or just a few times a day.

Printers can be operated as stand alone (Cabinet version) or inline. So, the system grows with your demand. From one 3D printer with partial automation to an end-to-end fully automated model production line.

Tailored to dental needs and specifications.

Did you know that up to 24 models can be printed in 30 minutes?

Turning pain into gain

RS clean-C – an ecologically friendly affair

Did you know that up to 15% of material can be reused due to the recovery during centrifuging?

More automated, more sustainable, more economical: With the RS clean-C, post-processing is not only easier, but also more ecological because the centrifuge works completely without isopropanol or any other cleaning agent, which is expensive to purchase and dispose of. This is not the only reason why cleaning is cleaner and faster. During the centrifugation process, excess material is collected and can be returned to the material cycle for 3D printing the next model. This saves up to 15% material costs and is also more environmentally friendly.

High level of detail in a small space

The machine landscape that adapts to your needs - not the other way around

First start small and then grow? No problem at all with the D100+ ortho.

You are free to decide on the type and size of the system and can add or convert other modules and capacities at a later date. You have the choice of starting with a standalone solution or straight into a production line which can be upgraded to the inline version at any time.

And even better: RS inline offers high productivity in a small space. The size and design of the additive manufacturing system enables the best possible productivity per unit area.

Here to help you

We know that purchasing a clear aligner dental model production system is not an easy decision, so we are here to help you and calculate your investment together with you: What can one or more 3D printers achieve and what costs are involved?

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