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    Brilliant 3D Printing for
    Jewellery Manufacturers
    and Casting Shops

    Highly efficient generative 3D Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing with ultra-fine resolution.
    Ideally to manufacture resin prototypes of filigree & massive jewellery with top demands on surface quality.


The Jewellery Printer for You

3D printers that grow with your business.
Tailored to the needs for the production of rapid prototyping parts for filigree structures and ornate surfaces.


Go with the Flow

Design Your Piece of Jewellery Digitally

Digital jewellery design offers a variety of advantages: precise and highly efficient design of your ring or piece of jewellery for rapid prototyping. Filigree structures can be realized easily with the help of a CAD program, annoying and time-consuming wax modelling is now a thing of the past. By digitizing your designs, repeatable rapid prototyping is possible at any time.

Easy and Flexible Handling of Your 3D Printer

At the touch of a button to the perfect 3d printed jewellery. The easy use of our printer allows you an optimal integration into your workflow. Thanks to our patented technology, the result is not only precise, but also super fast. The final product is accurate with an outstanding surface smoothness for your jewellery prints.

Simple Post-Processing

The RS wash and RS cure make the post-processing of the printed part even easier than ever. The wireless connection to the printer ensures a validated, coordinated and optimized worflow and leads to a simple and guided work process. The automatic and controlled washing cycle makes sure that your gold weight is optimally regulated. The result: smooth and fine surfaces without visible layer lines.


Castable 3D Parts

With the know-how of Schultheiss GmbH on our side, we know what is important when creating jewellery: The material produces castable parts with excellent surfaces that can be used like wax models. Thus, the direct-casting materials are easy and flexible to use.


Starting from a few parts per day. Jewellery design or manufacturing at the touch of a button.


S30 Speed


RS wash & cure


Automated volume production systems incomparable in speed, precision and quantity.

Highly precise – again and again

By choosing the right castable material, filigree structures, precisely fitting frames or very smooth surfaces can be produced. The S+ series supports jewellery designers, jewellers and jewellery manufacturers. Best of all, our 3D printer and material have been tested and validated several times, so you can always rely on the perfect result even when printing repeatedly.

The ultimate target for resin development is to fulfill all specific needs of the individual applications with only minor or no compromises. Rapid Shape offers direct casting, direct mould making and general purpose resins. Continuously new jewellery materials are added to the range of products, adapting the portfolio to the requirements of the market.

Hearing HA 90

S90+ standalone

HA90 Speed XL and PFC

S90+ cabinet


GP 101+

General Purpose Resin (optimized for LED unit);
Colour: orange, translucent.
Characteristics: optimized for 35 – 100 µm layers. Resin can be used for visual models, models for silicone molds.

CP 201+

Casting Purpose Resin;
Colour: orange, opaque.
Characteristics: optimized for 25 –50 µm layers.
Resin especially designed for conventional investment casting process in the jewellery.
Best casting resin.
Good even for massive parts.

CP 202+

Casting Purpose Resin;
Colour: green.
Characteristics: optimized for 25 – 50 µm layers.
Resin especially designed for conventional investment casting process in the jewellery.
Best RP part lock – no wax particles.

CP 203+

Casting Purpose Resin;
Colour: orange, opaque.
Characteristics: optimized for 25 – 50 µm layers.
Resin especially designed for conventional investment casting process in the jewellery. Most easy casting resin for filigree and medium heavy parts.

MP 300 – Composite Resin

Colour: tan, opaque.
Characteristics: optimized for 25 – 100 µm layers.
Ultra strong mechanical structure.
Temperature resistant up to 180°C.
Resin designed for rubber & silicone molds.

Simply Amazing

Have you ever seen a bull in a china shop?
Instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, let Rapid Shape provide for you the specialized tools to fulfill your individual requirements. Our 3D printers cater to a wide range of industries and applications and provide a perfect result. Discover our S20+ and S30+ in fine, regular, large.

A Force (Feedback) to be Reckoned With
Rapid Shape knows that power is only powerful when you know how to use it. Our patented Force Feedback technology measures and responds to the forces applied to the part during 3D printing. This means using less supports during printing, resulting in precise removal and less preparation. The final product is accurate, beautiful surfaces for your jewellery prints.

Time is money
Time is a commodity that we take seriously. Jewellery customers need both speed and accuracy to be competitive. Rapid Shape has developed 3D printers that creates precise prints that require a minimal amount of time. Your rings can be printed in as fast as 45 minutes (depending on printing material and design complexity).

The end justifies the means
A short post-processing time more pieces to go out. We have tested our 3D printers in a validated process with a variety of materials to ensure accurate print results and high repeatability. The automated washing cyles ensure precise gold weights and even better casting thru curing under vacuum. This means that you will be spending less time and getting more results.

Go with The flow
Proper workflow increases efficiency and decreases complexity. We provide our customers with a one-stop solution for printing and post-processing. Start the process with our 3D printers, then post-process in our RS wash and RS cure, which can be inter-connected with your Rapid Shape printer. Finally, finish your jewellery in our partner Schultheiss‘ heating and casting technologies; tested to provide the highest quality for your jewellery needs.

We won't let you down
Our service team is here should you ever require assitance with any of our high-end products. Contact us by phone, whatsapp or email and schedule a remote or on-site maintenance session. Our Rapid Shape Knowledge Center is available 24/7 and has answers for many of your immediate questions. The Knowledge Center can be accessed via your preferred browser or Rapid Shape printer (contact us for log in credentials).

All information at a glance

Download our S brochure with all facts about the current portfolio


Precision, Attention to Detail, Castability and Repeatable Printing Processes.

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