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    Say Hello to our new I50+

Rapid Shape offers you the professional 3D-Printers Solution

With Rapid Shape's latest 3D development "I50+" you can enjoy efficient and optimized workflows with no idle time.

See for yourself!

Your I50+ Features

  • Automatic Seperation Module (ASM)
  • Automatic Resin refill unit
  • Access to the Knowledge Center
  • Personal support
  • Material identification (RFID)
  • Certified auto-calibration (ACCS)
  • Force-Feedback-Technology


Your I50+ Benefits

  • High safety standards and security
  • Better print quality (4K Projector)
  • Material and time saving, also more environmentally friendly
  • Increased productivity due to continuous printing
  • Rapid solutions

Rapid Shape brings you the latest Development in 3D-Printing

The professional 3D-Printer I50+ 

As one of the innovation leaders, we specialize in the development and manufacture of high-end systems for the 3D-Printing sector. At Rapid Shape, we set new standards in speed, reliability and precision with proprietary technologies. This is also the case with our new 3D innovation, the I50+. This workhorse creates up to 11 models in one print run, ensuring optimal workflows in professional applications. As an absolute all-round talent, the I50+ is suitable for all conceivable indications, with high 4K precision.

In addition to numerous 3D-Printers, we will also be presenting our latest development at LMT LAB DAY in Chicago in February. 

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    Visit us at LMT LAB DAY 2022

    February 24-26, Hyatt Regency Chicago

    East Exhibit Hall, Booth A-21

Your added Value with the I50+ 3D-Printers


The new 3D-Printer is equipped with a big build platform, larger print volume and many new automated features that allow you to print parts in much greater numbers.

Validated processes

The I50+ ensures validated and efficient workflows.


Your Rapid Shape workhorse features patented Force Feedback technology for faster print speeds.


Several new features ensure ease of use and facilitate workflows for your business.


The patented Automatic Separation Module includes automatic refilling and resin-level control. This makes continuous, self-running printing possible.

Easy and simple

Our service team will ease you into using our 3D developments.


We increase manufacturing efficiency and - speed by offering reliable, innovative and top-quality machines.

Andreas Schultheiss / CEO & Founder

That is promise to our customers.

Andreas Schultheiss / Founder

Rapid Shape Technology at the highest Level

Automatic Seperatation Module (ASM)

The automatic separation module is a patented technology which automatically separates the printed parts from the build platform after the printing process.

Automatic Resin Refill

This technique involves the automatic refilling of material and control of the resin-level.

Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID)

The RFID is a material identifier. Just hold it up to the printer and the printer immediately recognizes that the correct resin is being used.

Force Feedback Technology

This technical development is also patented by Rapid Shape and is used to measure the forces required to perform the printing process optimally, which enables high-speed printing.

Automatic Seperate Module (ASM)

See how the Automatic Separation Module works in practice. The patented solution for a professional and fast workflow.


Smart 3D-Printers - Easy to Use

Rapid Shape combines practice-oriented technology, with qualitative service tools - This makes the application highly professional and simple. The developed cloud networking enables intelligent communication of the devices within the running processes. We offer you validated workflows through a system of material identification, Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID), and the Automatic Separation Module (ASM).

As a customer, you will have exclusive access to the Rapid Shape Knowledge Center, which will help you use our 3D-Printers through a web-based FAQ and instructional videos. In addition, we regularly hold training sessions on the various 3D-Printers, which users and customers are free to attend. In case of problems or more complex support requests, our worldwide networked and professional service team will be happy to assist you.

Download the new Rapid Shape Brochure

Learn more about the new I50+ or other Rapid Shape 3D-Printers, simply download our brochure!


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We look forward to hearing from you, our experts are here for you and would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of professional, industrial additive manufacturing.


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